Keto Advanced  a pound of salad and a pound of starch and in my case some oats on top of that you know we're eating several pounds of food a day if you wait the wrong time of day relative to that then you're getting a false reading and a false negative reinforcement and so we just don't go there yeah so now I but I will tell you I in this book I saw that dr. Greger does recommend that you weighed a li and he says weigh twice a day and I haven't gotten to read all the information and the scientific information behind that but but I know for myself that the scale can like totally ruin my day I can think you know oh I've been doing great I bet I've lost weight and get on the scale and see that that you haven't and that's very so you go from feeling good and going I bet I've got a really good score and then you score yourself and and and you're feeling good but maybe you've got water maybe you've built some muscle and maybe you've built muscle exactly so it's a false thing so and I will tell you that to maintain my weight loss people have asked me so you know did you just start eating more to maintain your weight loss no because the smaller you are the fewer calories

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